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cow earn from biogas

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There is unlimited availability of cow dung in gaushala. Therefore, it is easy to set up profitable bio CNG filling station for vehicles or bioelectricity generation plant in gaushala amd make your goshala financially independent. No need for seeking donations as the bio electricity or bio cng plant would fetch huge profits and savings. The business becomes more easy if the gaushala has extra land of 1 acre or more to set up the plant.



A) Products generated from cow dung (gobar) from gaushala:


Solid Organic Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Fertilizer


Bio fuel for heating


B) Per day earnings by selling of bio products from gaushala:

CNG is sold for Rs 46 to Rs 59 per Kg depending on the location, city and ruling prices.

Solid Organic Fertilizer is sold for Rs 5 to Rs 20 per Kg.

Liquid Organic Fertilizer is sold for Rs 1 to Rs 10 per liter.

Electricity is sold for Rs 5 to Rs 10 per unit.




These are variables and depend on the location of the plant and class of the city. Expenses are incurred in procuring raw material, maintaining office and plant, salaries of staff, etc.


There is huge profit in this business unmatched by any other business. The business is service to the nation as it makes the earth clean and green. Due to high returns in investment, the plant cost is easily recovered within 2 years.



E) Project Cost for setting up plant in gaushala

Cost of plant and machinery is-

20 Ton per day raw material processing bio CNG manufacturing plant with filling station  would cost about Rs 4 Crore

20 Ton per day raw material processing bio electricity manufacturing plant would cost about Rs 3.8 Crore

50 Ton per day raw material processing bio CNG manufacturing plant wirh filling station would cost about Rs 5 Crore

50 Ton per day raw material processing bio electricity manufacturing plant would cost about Rs 4.8 Crore

(Above are just a fair idea, current prices would be sent on request)


F) Subsidy

Subsidy offered by the government changes from time to time. Presently it is Rs 3400 per CuM on production of raw gas per day.



G) Return of capital:

Your investment on plant and machinery would be easily recovered in 2 years



H) Plant and Machinery:

Digester with mixing and pumping equipment

Double membrane balloon

Solid liquid separator

Purification and scrubbing plant

CNG storage system

CNG filling station for filing cylinders under 200 bars

Instrumentation control panel and software

Cylinder cascades for storing cng

Vehicle filling station (CNG pump) if vehicle fuel is required

Generator if electricity generation is required.


I) How we can help you to set up plant in gaushala:

Green Earth Consultant is having experience and technical know how of the latest technology in production of cng and setting up cng pants. Do not go for cheap, old fashioned plants as they do not have enough life and generally fail after some time. 40% of the biogas plants have failed in India as the manufacturers and installers did not have in-depth knowledge of the latest technology and the techniques for optimum performance of the plant, and installed plants that were not designed according to the raw material. Our plants are tailor made for every need so that they perform for their purpose and give better returns and long life.


J) CSR funds for making gaushala financially independent:

You can approach multinationals or other big companies for one time funds to set up biogas plant for your gaushala. Once the plant starts functioning, you will receive good returns every month to look after the cows.




For best & economical



+91 8369936626






biogas digester in gaushala

STAGE 1: Raw material inside digester


filteration plant at gaushala

STAGE 2: Biogas being purified in scrubbing plant


biogas balloon at gaushala

STAGE 3: Bio CNG stored in double layer gas balloon


biogas compressor

 STAGE 4: Bio CNG being compressed


bio gas cylinder

STAGE 5; Compressed Bio CNG filled in tanks


bio cng pump

STAGE 6: Bio CNG dispensing station




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